Our Values
Our values of passion, empathy and innovation lead us to be fully invested and committed to the work we do and be acutely aware of the unique and personal situations of each of our clients (we work with the people within organisations, not just the autonomous entities!). We couple this with a strong creative flair to seek tailored and bespoke solutions for our clients.
Our Vision
The vision at Phoenix is to enable SMEs to access required funding easily to facilitate their growth and thrive in the market. We understand that each business is unique and through a vital balance of technology and human empathy, we envision excellence in outcomes and services for SMEs
Our Mission
To positively impact every single SME we interact with to lead to a stronger economy.
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Thousands Of Customers Trust Our Company

Phoenix is proud to support SME growth through sourcing simple, fast and affordable funding. We have helped hundreds of SMEs from a diverse range of business sectors to access the finance they need to thrive. Phoenix is passionate about helping businesses to grow but we also understand that accessing finance can be tricky when decisions are made by an algorithm.

Our approach is based on seeking bespoke solutions for every business. All applications are assessed by real people who invest time and care in understanding your business and your requirements so that we can find you a solution which is tailored to your unique situation.


In accordance with our name, our company stands for rising higher; we breathe fresh life into businesses and watch them ascend and thrive
Cash flow and Working capital

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Business cash advance

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Bridging finance

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Development loan

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Credit line

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Invoice Finance

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Recovery Loan Scheme

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Why Phoenix?

Unlike traditional lenders, Phoenix delivers a speedy and uncomplicated service. We pride ourselves on finding lenders who will create personalised offers for our clients and, therefore, we consider a wider range of lending criteria and all credit profiles – your finance option will be tailored to you. Application couldn’t be easier - just fill in our simple form and one of our team will be in touch with you!
Bridging finance
Responsible Funding
Phoenix assumes responsibility to always act in our customers’ best interests. We will ensure any solutions we source for you are affordable; we’ll remain transparent when it comes to terms and conditions and will provide advice in the event of repayment difficulties.
Credit line
Tailored Solutions
Phoenix considers every business to be a unique entity with its own USPs and drivers. We are passionate about seeing your business thrive and will invest time in understanding your particular strengths and challenges to secure the perfect, bespoke solution for you. We tailor funding solutions to each client so that our customers can be confident that what they receive will be suitable for their individual circumstances.
Invoice finance
Customer Experience
Ensuring that our customers have a positive experience is as important to Phoenix as delivering funding solutions. Phoenix prioritises open, honest and transparent communication. We understand that it is important to keep you updated at each step of your application and your personal account manager will be on hand at all points throughout and following the process to ensure you are up-to-speed at all stages.
Invoice factoring
Speed and Ease
We understand that when funding is needed, time is of the essence! Phoenix finds swift solutions and uses simple processes to speed up approval and enable you to access funds as quickly as possible.
Invoice discounting
Total Security
Phoenix takes the security of our customers extremely seriously. All information provided is protected and secured and compliance standards are adhered to at each stage of your application from initial enquiry to disbursement of funds.

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