Finance that delivers

Explore versatile business financing solutions tailored to boost your business’s success. Choose from funding options ranging from £5K to £50M.

Finance that delivers

Explore versatile business financing solutions tailored to boost your business’s success. Choose from funding options ranging from £5K to £50M.

Why Phoenix?

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Responsible Funding

Phoenix assumes responsibility to always act in our customers’ best interests.

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Tailored Solutions

Phoenix considers every business to be a unique entity with its own USPs and drivers

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Customer Experience

Ensuring that our customers have a positive experience is as important to Phoenix as delivering funding solutions.

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A transparent service that leaves you in control

A funding platform that gives you even more control that ever before, displaying business loan matches and a level of detail that puts you in the driving seat.

Cash flow and Working capital

Cash Flow & Working Capital

We specialize in providing solutions for cash flow and working capital needs.

Development loan

Development Loan

We specialize in offering development loans designed to fuel the progress of your projects and ventures, empowering your aspirations to thrive.

Business cash advance

Business Cash Advance

We offer tailored business cash advance solutions to support your company’s growth and stability.

Credit line

Credit Line

We provide flexible credit line solutions to empower businesses with easy access to capital for their ongoing financial needs.

Bridging finance

Bridging Finance

We provide efficient bridging finance solutions to bridge the gap and meet your short-term funding needs with ease.

Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance

We excel in providing efficient invoice finance solutions to help businesses unlock the value of their outstanding invoices, ensuring steady cash flow and growth.

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Phoenix Commercial Finance was established in 2022 because we identified a gap in the market. We realized that most lenders or brokers do not care about the client once the funds are transferred. At Phoenix, we believe that the job is not just done there; it has only just started. We take pride in delivering the best customer experience and always go the extra mile to ensure that the client is happy and that all their issues are resolved, even after they have received the funding they requested.

Most of the lenders we work with are quite quick and typically make a decision within 24 to 48 hours once we submit the complete proposal. Occasionally, they might request additional information, which could extend the process by one or two more days. At Phoenix, we believe in a proactive approach rather than a reactive one. Thanks to our expertise, we anticipate what the lender will request, ensuring we obtain that information in advance from our clients. We also have a dedicated account manager who will assist you at every step of your journey. Our record is 12 minutes from the time we received the initial inquiry until the funds were deposited into the client’s account.

Of course, you can apply with a lender directly if you are aware of their criteria and are confident you will get approved. That said, at Phoenix, we believe that every client is different, and so are their needs. Due to our expertise in the field, we match you with a lender that best suits your requirements.

Our dedicated account manager will package the entire deal for you and submit it to the lenders, as we know exactly what they are looking for. We can speak to them anytime since we share a very good relationship with all our lenders. This allows you to concentrate on growing your business, which you are passionate about, while we handle all the work for you.

The good news is that our services are completely free, and our reward is the smile on our client’s face when they receive the desired funding. That said, if your loan is accepted by one of our lenders, they pay us a commission based on our standard terms. Typically, the cost to our customers is similar to what it would be if they went directly to the lender.

For any more information, you can always contact us.

Checking your funding options and speaking to our specialists will not affect your credit score. We always assess your requirements and educate you on the process beforehand.

Most of the lenders we work with require a credit check on your business and you to come to a conclusion and offer you a loan based on the strength of your business. Before we pass on your details, we obtain permission from our clients for the credit check.

Unlike other brokers, we do not pass your details to every lender. Instead, we understand your needs and then link you with specific lenders that fit your requirements.

A Personal Guarantee is an agreement between you and the lender specifying that you are personally liable to pay any debt in case your business defaults. It is quite common to require a Personal Guarantee if you are seeking unsecured finance. At Phoenix, we completely understand that some clients may not feel comfortable providing a Personal Guarantee, which is why we have lenders on our panel who can work without one. Additionally, we have partnered with firms that can provide Personal Guarantee insurance.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Management accounts are financial statements consisting of a profit and loss statement and a balance sheet. They show the most recent strength of the business and are prepared by the owners or the bookkeeper to track business growth. Management accounts also help control cash flow and future spending in the business.

If you need help with management accounts, please call us.

We work with a wide range of lenders in the UK, and each lender is different when it comes to interest rates. These rates also depend on the strength of your business and your credit scores.

At Phoenix, we believe in responsible funding and will not offer you anything you cannot afford. That said, most specific products like commercial mortgages, secured loans, or invoice finance are offered by high-street banks, and we cannot beat their rates. The only reason these products are less expensive is because of the banks’ risk appetite, and they will ask for plenty of documents with a processing time of months.

The lenders we work with are swift and make decisions quickly. We act as your relationship manager, so you always have that personal touch. Many of our lenders can also support high-risk businesses and help them grow.

Open Banking is a way to share your financial data with lenders, where you are in control and can switch it on and off. It helps lenders make decisions on funding applications very swiftly, saving you the time needed to download and send statements.

Open Banking is considered very safe as it is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You provide lenders with view-only access, and they can only access the data needed for the service you are using.