Development Loan

For aspiring entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas and the drive to kickstart their ventures but lack the immediate capital required for investment, Bridging Finance can be a game-changer. This financing option provides the necessary liquidity to secure business premises, invest in inventory, or cover initial operational costs, thereby turning entrepreneurial dreams into reality. By leveraging their property assets, entrepreneurs can overcome the barrier of limited funds and take decisive steps towards establishing and growing their businesses.

Phoenix’s Development Loans are tailored to support a wide range of property development activities, including “ground-up” developments. These loans can cover up to 100% of development expenses, ensuring that every aspect of the construction and development process is financially supported. Additionally, Phoenix offers to finance up to 50% of land acquisition costs, providing a substantial boost to developers at the initial stages of their projects. This dual approach of funding both development and land acquisition costs ensures that developers have a robust financial foundation to build upon, mitigating the risks associated with early-stage funding.